Causes of Acute Liver Injury - Differential Diagnosis
Hepatocellular ...

Causes of Acute Liver Injury - Differential Diagnosis

Hepatocellular - Liver Parenchyma

 • Infectious: Hepatitis C, A, E, B, D, EBV, CMV, HSV

 • Toxic: Alcohol, Medication, Recreational Drugs, Mushrooms

 • Hereditary: Hemochromatosis, Wilson's Disease, Alpha-1 Antitrypsin

 • Other: NAFLD, Autoimmune hepatitis, Acute biliary obstruction, HELLP Syndrome, Celiac Disease

Hepatocellular - Vasculature

 • Hepatic Vein: Budd-Chiari, Congestion/CHF

 • Hepatic Artery: Shock Liver, Thrombus, Vasospasm

Cholestatic - Intrahepatic

 • Obstructive: Malignancy, 1° PBC, 1° PSC, Cystic Fibrosis, Infiltrative Disease, Sickle Cell, VOD, GVHD

 • Toxic: Medication, Pregnancy, Alcoholic Hepatitis, TPN

 • Infectious: Sepsis, Viral Hepatitis, TB

Cholestatic - Extrahepatic

 • Biliary: Choledocholithiasis, Stricture, Malignancy, Liver Fluke, Ascariasis, Choledochal Cyst

 • Pancreatic: Pancreatitis, Pancreatic Pseudocyst, Cancer

- Sophia Hayes MD @Sophia_Hayes_MD

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