Mechanical Bowel Obstruction and Ileus - Pathogenesis ...

Mechanical Bowel Obstruction and Ileus - Pathogenesis and Clinical Findings

Ileus: Functional bowel "blockage", no peristalsis

Mechanical Obstruction: Physical blockage of bowel lumen

Complete obstructions typically presents with acute abdominal pain and related symptoms. Incomplete obstructions can present with either acute or chronic abdominal pain

 • Obstipation (no flatus). no bowel-movements (suggests complete obstruction)

 • Infrequent bowel movements (partial obstruction)

 • Bloating. cramping, anorexia

 • Diffuse, visceral abdominal pain 

 • Flat/low JVP, resting tachycardia, orthostatic hypotension

 • Abdominal Pain: may come in waves. and can be severe (i.e. "light-switch pain") with complete obstruction

 • Hyperactive bowel sounds (before a physical obstruction), OR absent bowel sounds (ileus)

 • Abdomen is tympanic to percussion

 • Nausea/vomiting (worse with duodenal or jejunal obstruction because of proximity of obstruction)

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