Volume Assist/Control Mechanical Ventilation
How does ...

Volume Assist/Control Mechanical Ventilation

How does this mode work?

 • Delivers a set volume of air with each breath; patient triggered breaths are identical to machine triggered breaths

 • Time and patient triggered, volume cycled, volume limited mode

When should I use this mode?

 • Ensures that a patient receives a minimum MV

 • This is a good general-purpose mode; good for providing Lung Protective Ventilation (LPV)

 • PRVC mav have lower peak pressures; pressure modes may be more comfortable for select patients

What do I need to monitor?

 • Need to make sure the peak pressure and plateau pressure do not exceed safe limits.

 • You will also need to monitor MV. If the patient is triggering excessively (or auto-triggering), they can become alkalemic.

Choosing Initial Settings:

 • RR - Try to match the persons initial minute ventilation by selecting a rate to match their pre-intubation MV needs.

 • TV- Use 8cc/kg PBW and adjust as needed. For patients with ARDS (or at high risk) consider starting at 6cc/kg PBW.

 • Start with low PEEP and high Fi02 and wean to maintain SpO2 goal (typically > 90%).

- Nick Mark MD @nickmmark

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