Heterophyiasis - Heterophyes heterophyes Life Cycle
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Heterophyiasis - Heterophyes heterophyes Life Cycle

1) Embryonated eggs each with a fully-developed miracidium are passed in feces

2) Snail host ingests eggs, miracidia emerge from eggs and penetrate the snail's intestine

     - Sporocysts → Rediae → Cercariae in snail tissue

3) Cercariae released from snail

4) Cercariae penetrate the skin of fresh/brackish water fish and encyst as metacercariae in the tissue of the fish

5) Host becomes infected by ingesting undercooked fish containing metacercariae

6) Metacercariae excyst in the small intestine

7) Adult in small intestine

8) Fish-eating mammals and birds can be infected as well

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