Normal: < 1%
Clinciallly significant: > 10%
Band ...

Normal: < 1%
Clinciallly significant: > 10%
Band neutrophils are slightly less mature than segmented neutrophils and have indented, unsegmented or shaped nuclei.
Band neutrophils normally account for approximately 5-10% of blood leukocytes.
 - Cell population has "shifted towards immature precursors
 - Stab cell- nucleus looked like a Shepard's crook (Stab in German)
 - neutrophils counted left to right with being on the left
BANDEMIA is highly predictive of a serious infection, suggesting that clinicians who do not appreciate the value of band counts may delay diagnosis or overlook severe infections.
Degree of bandemia, especially in the setting of concurrent tachycardia or fever, is associated with greater likelihood of negative clinical outcomes.
Bandemia is a superior indicator of infection relative to both WBC and Temp.
Differential Diagnosis: Seizures, Toxic ingestions, metabolic abnormalities, inflammatory processes, tissue damage, leukemia, xorticosteroid use, autoimmune diseases, chemotherapy

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