POCUS Echocardiography - Table of Cardiac Views and ...

POCUS Echocardiography - Table of Cardiac Views and Windows

 • Parastemal Long-Axis View (PLAX)

 • Parasternal Short-Axis (PSAX) Views

 • Subcostal (SC) 4-Chamber View

 • Right Ventricular (RV) Inflow View

 • Apical 4-Chamber View (A4C)

 • Inferior Vena Cava (SC) Long Axis

 • Right Ventricular (RV) Outflow View

 • Apical 5-Chamber View (A5C)

 • SC Abdominal Aorta Long Axis

 • PSAX: Aortic Valve (AV) Level

 • Apical 2-Chamber View (A2C)

 • Suprasternal Notch (SSN) View

 • PSAX: Mitral Valve (MV) Level

 • Apical 3-Chamber View (A3C)

 • SSN: Color Flow Doppler

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