Laser Treatment Indications in Dermatology
When lasers are the 
treatment of choice: 
 • Port wine stain 
 • Telangiectasia 
 • Spider angioma (adult) 
 • Cherry angioma 
 • Nevus of Ota 
 • Tattoo (simple) 
When lasers don't realty 
work or shouldn't be used: 
 Pyogenic granuloma — easier to 
do ED&C 
 • Spider leg veins 
 • Congenital melanocytic nevus 
 • Atypical or dysplastic nevus 
 • Becker's nevus 
 • Postinflammatory pignentation 
 • Any patient who has received gold therapy 
 • Skin cancer 

 - Dr. Harvey Lui

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Dr. Gerald Diaz @GeraldMD · 8 months ago
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