Central Distribution, Febrile / Ill:
 - Viral Exanthem ...

Central Distribution, Febrile / Ill:

 - Viral Exanthem 

 - Lyme Disease (erythema migrans) 

Central Distribution, Afebrile, non-ill:

 - Drug Reaction 

 - Pityriasis (herald patch) 

Peripheral Distribution, Febrile / Ill, Target Lesions:

 - Stevens-Johnson Syndrome 

 - Erythema multiforme 

Peripheral Distribution, Febrile / Ill, No Target Lesions:

 - meningococcaemia 

 - Syphilis 

 - Lyme Disease (erythema migrans) 

Peripheral Distribution, Afebrile / non-ill, flexor distribution:

 - Scabies 

 - Eczema 

Peripheral Distribution, Afebrile / non-ill, extensor distribution: 

 - Psoriasis 

Infographic by Dr. Sam Birks @ https://twitter.com/BirksMD

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