Hypokalemia Differential Diagnosis Algorithm

Low ...

Hypokalemia Differential Diagnosis Algorithm

Low intake 

• poor oral intake 

Renal loss 

• Medication 

• Hypomagnesemia 

• Osmotic diuresis 

• Mineralocorticoids 

• Nonreabsorbable anions 

• Renal tubular acidosis 

• Gitelman's syndrome 

• Bartter's syndrome 

Extrarenal loss 

• Gastrointestinal loss 

• Perspiration 

• Dialysis 

• Plasmapheresis 

Transcellular shift 

• Alkalemia 

• Adrenergic excess 

• Insulin 

• Hypothermia 

• Hypokalemic periodic paralysis 

Dr. André Mansoor @AndreMansoor - Author of Frameworks for Internal Medicine https://amzn.to/2LmUODZ

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