Lumbar stenosis guide we created to implement consistent ...

Lumbar stenosis guide we created to implement consistent radiology reporting across our multi-hospital network. 

Lumbar Central Canal Stenosis Grading 

  - Normal - No CSF effacement 

  - Mild - Some effacement of CSF; cauda equina nerve roots clearly separable 

  - Moderate - Aggregation of cauda equina nerve roots with near total effacement of CSF 

  - Severe - Total effacement of CSF and sac deformity 

Lumbar Neural Foraminal Stenosis Grading 

  - Normal - No fat effacement, Keyhole appearance 

  - Mild - Some effacement of fat in vertical or transverse direction 

  - Moderate - Near total effacement of fat 

  - Severe - Total effacement of fat and/or nerve deformity 

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