Classification of Vasculitis 
Vasculitis of large ...

Classification of Vasculitis 

Vasculitis of large vessels 

 - Arteritis temporalis (giant-cell arteritis) 

 - Takayasu arteritis 

 - Inflammatory aortic aneurysms (in possible combination with retroperitoneal fibrosis) 

Vasculitis of medium vessels 

 - Classical polyarteritis nodosa 

 - Buerger disease 

 - Kawasaki disease 

 - Primary angiitis of the central nervous system 

Vasculitis of small vessels 

 - ANCA-associated vasculitis 

     - Wegener granulomatosis 

     - microscopic polyangiitis 

     - Churg-Strauss syndrome 

 - Immune-complex-induced vasculitis 

     - hypersensitivity angiitis induced by drugs, malignomas, and infectious diseases 

     - serum disease 

     - systemic lupus erythematosus 

     - Henoch-Schönlein disease 

     - purpura-arthralgia-nephritis syndrome induced by chronic hepatitis C 

     - Goodpasture syndrome 

     - Behcet disease 

     - hypocomplementary urticarial vasculitis 

     - Schnitzler syndrome 

 - Connective tissue diseases 

     - scleroderma 

     - mixed connective tissue disease 

     - Sjögren syndrome 

     - dermatomyositis 

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