Major neurocognitive disorders (MNCD): Diagnosis and ...

Major neurocognitive disorders (MNCD): Diagnosis and workup 

1) Clinical diagnosis Cognitive impairment + loss of autonomy

2) Rule out treatable conditions (1.5%) : tumors, hematoma, hydrocephalus, HIV, syphilis, Whipple, vitamin deficiency, ... laboratory tests + imaging

3) Perform the diagnostic workup What type of MNCD ? MRI, iADL scale, MMSE, neuropsychological assessment


 - 1st cause after 65 years

 - Progressive amnesia and impaired executive functions

 - Aphaso-apraxo-agnosia syndrome

 - Hippocampal atrophy

Lewy body dementia

 - Visual hallucinations

 - Movement disorders (parkinsonian signs)

 - Behavioral changes, sleep difficulties

 - Fluctuating cognition (attention and altertness)

Frontotemporal dementia

 - Behavioral changes (disinhibition, compulsive behavior, hyperorality,

 - 25% genetic component

 - Frontal atrophy

Vascular Dementia

 - 2nd cause after 65 yrs

 - Subacute onset with step-wise decline > progressive

 - Loss of bladder control

 - Unique or multiple ischemic stroke

 - Amyloid angiopathy

By Dr. Amandine Dessertennes via Dr. Benjamin Terrier @TerrierBen

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