Emergency Management of Hyperkalemia in Adults
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Emergency Management of Hyperkalemia in Adults

Assess Patient - Airway Breathing Circulation Disability Exposure (ABCDE) Approach

 • MILD K+ 5.5 - 5.9 mmol/L - Consider cause and if treatment indicated

 • MODERATE K+ 6.0 - 6.4 mmol/L - Treatment guided by clinical scenario, ECG and rate of rise

 • SEVERE K+ ≥ 6.5 mmol/L - Emergency treatment indicated

Protect the Heart

 • Calcium Chloride OR Calcium Gluconate IV

Shift K+ into cells

 • Insulin–Glucose IV Infusion

 • Salbutamol 10-20 mg Nebulised

Remove K+ from body 

 • Consider Calcium Resonium

 • Consider Dialysis

Monitor K+ and Blood Glucose - Monitor serum K+ and blood glucose

Prevention - Consider cause of hyperkalaemia, prevent further rise and recurrence

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