Causes of Hypocalcemia - Differential Diagnosis Algorithm

Causes of Hypocalcemia - Differential Diagnosis Algorithm

 • Extravascular: Pancreatitis, surgery, acute phosphate intake and renal failure, Osteoblastic mets- prostate cancer

 • Drug induced: Calcium chelators, denosumab, cisplatin, Bisphosphanates, cinacalcet,foscarnet, fluoride poisoning

 • Hyperphosphatemia, High PTH: Pseudohypoparathyroidism, Chronic Kidney Disease

 • Hyperphosphatemia, Low PTH: Hypoparathyroidism

 • Hypophosphatemia: Vitamin D Deficiency

 • Gadolinium contrast agents

 • Hypomagnesemia

- Dr. Kenar Jhaveri @kdjhaveri

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